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Triad Communications is the umbrella name for our portfolio of companies involved in various aspects of the wireless industry.

Triad's management team has been continuously active in the wireless industry since 1985. During the late 1980's, Barry Lewis was involved in building and operating some of the nation's first urban cellular networks in San Diego, Atlanta, and San Francisco. During the 1990's, the focus changed to rural cellular, and the Triad team developed innovative techniques to economically build and operate large footprint cellular networks covering rural areas. Beginning in the late 1990's, as the FCC commenced with spectrum auctions, Triad participated in multiple auctions in the cellular, PCS, WCS, AWS and 700 MHz bands. Also during this period, Triad management served as advisors, directors and early investors in a number of innovative wireless operators including MetroPCS, Leap Wireless affiliate LCW Wireless, Cleveland Unlimited (Revol), Coral Wireless (MobiPCS-Hawaii), and PR Wireless (OpenMobile-Puerto Rico).

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